Forbidden fruit

Many people are attracted to the obviously dangerous….the adrenaline may pump with such encounters or activities, but the heart and mind may not survive the rendezvous of the risky kind…..when you hear someone saying’ You only live once, enjoy yourself’, they generally mean..’go ahead and find ways to break the law or cheat or lie’. 

Don’t we all lie or cheat in some way at some point? who makes the rules? what are the rules?

  • If you are in a family or relationship, take care that your idea of fun does not inflict pain or shame on those you love…
  • If you work, try not to be dishonest or siphon resources to fill your personal coffers. 
  • If you want to engage in dangerous liaisons, let the other person know your true intentions, don’t sugar-coat anything….
  • humans are one of the very few species that thrive on monogamy…..studies have shown that people in a monogamous relationship actually have more fun and bond for life….and are happier and more fulfilled than those who flit from on person to another…
  • I remember my mother saying….’whether you do anything in your life or not, make sure that I’m not known as the mother of a thief or a cheat’…I try to follow the straight and narrow as there is a special thrill, satisfaction  and enjoyment in it…..


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