Forest fire!!!!!

As children, we used to sing….’Fire on a mountain, run, run, run…’. In real life, when there is a fire in a forest on a mountain, there is nowhere to run!!!! The extremely fast rate at which a forest fire spreads and the large area covered by it make it impossible to outrun the fire.
The major causes for a wildfire worldwide are lightening and human carelessness. The damage to the environment and human life is potentially colossal. 

DSC08499 DSC08500

What is required for the fire?

  1. An ignition source such as lightening or campfires or a cigarette butt
  2. Combustible or inflammable material such as dried up twigs or vegetation
  3. Oxygen                                                                           

Governments all over the world have resorted to controlled fires in areas prone to wildfires. Human beings have to be responsible and be careful to prevent the loss to life and property ann save the world for future generations. 


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