Golgappa-easy, tasty–at home

Golgappas are a favourite street food or snack in India. Most of us worry about the hygienic aspect of a mass-produced snack that is sold in crowded streets…..here is how one can enjoy it at home. Golgappas can be made from whole wheat flour, or a mixture of semolina and cornflour. Knead the dough, and cut into small circles…..the dough should be dry. Fry till they puff up. Dry on a surface that soaks up the excess oil. Puncture from one end (one side is always thinner) and add diced boiled potato, boiled chickpeas, chopped onions, green chili, coriander and mint. Add the water prepared by adding tamarind, boondi, mint, chat masala, lemon juice, jaggery, salt and water. Eat at one go and delight in the flavours that explode in your mouth…


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