Graffiti Rock, Saudi Arabia, 3000 BC

Graffiti Rock, or Qaryat al-Asba, is located at a two hour drive form the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. These are actually Petroglyphs (prehistoric rock arts). They comprise etchings or carvings or sketches on large panels of rocks and are prehistoric. They give us an insight into the lives of people and animals present at that time. They supposedly date back to 3000 BC. DSC04573 - Copy - Copy DSC04571 - Copy - Copy DSC04565 - Copy - Copy - Copy DSC04563 - Copy - Copy - Copy DSC04687 - Copy DSC04605 - Copy - Copy DSC04596 - Copy - Copy DSC04597 - Copy - Copy DSC04599 - Copy - Copy DSC04603 - Copy - Copy DSC04684 - Copy DSC04681 - Copy DSC04664 - Copy DSC04660 - Copy DSC04655 - Copy DSC04650 - Copy DSC04647 - Copy - Copy DSC04624 - Copy - Copy DSC04612 - Copy - Copy - Copy DSC04581 - Copy - Copy

There are two rocky ‘hills’ in the middle of the desert, which can be climbed and allow one to view a slice of history from up close. There are various animals and war scenes depicted on the rocks, which have stood the test of centuries of sun, sandstorms, rain…..even hailstorms. Do not miss the opportunity to see this unique set of petroglyphs……good luck getting a visa!!!!!!!!


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