Great, inexpensive, easily available food

There is a lot of debate over ‘negative calories’ and ‘superfood’. While others dissect the pros and cons, let’s take a look at good food that is rich in anti-oxidants, fiber, vitamins, is easily available and doesn’t cost the earth. While some yummy food groups are either too expensive or frozen and shipped halfway across the world to you, these could grow in your own backyard or be available at a reasonable price in your town or city. At present, we have passion-fruit and strawberries growing in our home….As our ancestors told us “Fresh food wins over Fashionable food’. What are the great things you can eat, enjoy, and have health benefits ? Let’s take a look at some of them:

  1. Spinach-the recipe is given on this website.
  2. Apples-they may actually keep the doctor away!!!!
  3. Carrots
  4. Radish
  5. Almonds
  6. Tomatoes
  7. Lime
  8. Oats
  9. Green tea
  10. Broccoli
  11. Ginger
  12. Garlic
  13. Onion
  14. Spices
  15. Kidney beans
  16. Lentils
  17. Grapes
  18. Yoghurt
  19. Milk
  20. Cauliflower  
  21. Dark chocolate……who cares where this is from, it should have >70% cocoa.                                      If you can add grapefruit, berries, asparagus, good for you, but make sure it’s fresh, not frozen and thawed. Enjoy. I have not added the nutritional benefits of each, all have unique benefits, you can get in touch via e-mail for more information.

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