Happiness….Grab it


As human beings, we are essentially flawed. Each of us has unique abilities and a physical and mental composition that explains why we do what we do. We have moods, desires, fluctuations in temperament which may be inexplicable to others, which is justified since we sometimes do not understand why we do some of the things we do. Some of the suggestions given below may allow you to understand/ accept yourself better , so that you can be on the path to understanding others, making your existence and theirs more enjoyable.

  1. Do not be judgemental, look away if you disapprove of what someone else is doing or how they choose to live their lives. You have no idea what demons they are battling or how well they are conquering their personal struggles. 
  2. Embrace your uniqueness and use your special set of skills, instead of competing/ envying / vying with others for qualities they possess, which you may lack. We are not in a race, though the term human ‘race’ may confuse us ! There is no happiness in not being good enough in our own eyes.
  3. Interact with those who are straightforward, unbiased and honest. Take their comments as an incentive to improve and politely disagree if you have a different opinion. 
  4. Never stop learning. As long as you walk this earth, keep your brain active. Anything learned makes us happy, more creative and alert.
  5. Do not bottle up anger or tolerate injustice.  If you have something to say to someone who has humiliated, annoyed or hurt you, spend a little time to ponder over it. Decide what and how you will tell them what you think and do it to stop any negativity or residual hostility. 
  6. Make an effort to exercise daily. It should be a regime you can easily follow daily. Eat well, indulge, as long as you try and follow the height / weight chart. Get medical conditions treated.
  7. Yoga, if performed correctly, in moderation, can be useful as a mood lifter and health improver.
  8. Play games. Any games that interest you and make you relax are good for you.
  9. Connect with your family. Associate more with the family members who are positive and appreciate you.
  10. Appreciate the people who are good to you. Treat them in a way which you would like to be treated. 
  11. Differentiate between those take care to go out of their way to help you and those who are there to share the good times with you. Treat people how they treat you, treat them better than the others in your life.
  12. Don’t look down on people because of their social standing or educational qualification. Associate with others based on their outlook and actions, rather than the family they were born in, or the university they graduated from. Interact with all age groups.
  13. Smile. Laugh. There is no way anything will get you down in you are determined to be positive.
  14. Do something new. It may as dramatic as skydiving or as simple as a walk in the woods or going out in the rain.
  15. Make a note of all the good things that happen to you everyday.
  16. Meet deadlines. Work systematically, achieve goals you want to.
  17. Be punctual. Leave home 10 mins early to avoid 10 times the stress you will bring on yourself by hurrying up and speeding.
  18. Discard those who pull you down. They are the cancerous limb which must be amputated.
  19. Take a break. It may be for a couple of days, everyone needs one.
  20. Sing loudly in your home. Dance with abandon. Make your family join in, it’s fun.
  21. Love your partner, child, sibling and parents unconditionally.
  22. If you have a pet, treat it as family. It will never let you down. 
  23. Do not compare your family to others. You have no idea how bad a child could feel about that.
  24. Read. Anything you can get your hands on.
  25. Hug those you love and keep telling them how much you love them, talking about their qualities.                                                                                                                                                     Stop caring what others think, as long as you know you are doing your best .                  Limit the time spent on the internet and social media. Enjoy!!!


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