Hauz Khas Complex, Delhi…the union of art, culture and history

Hauz Khas means ‘royal tank’ in Urdu. It refers to a large reservoir of water or lake, surrounded by the ruins of a tomb and a mosque, from the time of the Khilji dynasty. Built centuries ago, it now serves as a place for couples to meet, groups to practice their dance and song routine, musicians to play their compositions and joggers / walkers to exercise. The thick weathered walls bear a silent testimony to the drama they witness. If you want to find out more, please read the pictures of the informative boards given below:


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 Surrounding it are beautiful, meandering, narrow lanes which offer merchandise for those who crave the quaint/ quirky/ unique/ stylish/ sophisticated,be it art/ clothing/ jewelry or curios of all kinds. After walking through the streets and going around the lake, you might want to sit down and enjoy the ambiance of numerous eateries. The streets are full of an energy and vibrancy which comes from the multilingual and multinational crowd there. There is a wide variety of cuisine, choose a rooftop restaurant, most of them have elevators that transport you in a jiffy from the ancient to the new age.






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If you are the kind that has a celebrity crush, it might be your lucky day 🙂





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