He/ she loves you….??

Ah, that intoxicant called love……the reason we live, die, improve, degenerate, thrive, survive, dance, sing, fight…the emotion that can elevate, depress and take us to hell and heaven within a second. That thumping of the heart, trembling of the lips, dryness of the mouth, that hunger, that thirst, which requires quenching, no matter what the cost. Women often wonder if a man is ‘their one true love’ or ‘soulmate’ or if these men or terms are real. Are there any pointers to see if he is as besotted ?

  • He looks into your eyes, while the more ‘interesting’ parts of you are glanced at for milliseconds. 
  • He does not pick up the phone that rings in the pocket…does he think it’s the ringing in his ears because of your presence? …..Nah, let’s get real, don’t over-analyze, he’s interested but not crazy 🙂
  • He does not check out the amazing women all around.
  • He listens to you, not watching the television behind you.
  • He remembers your babbling of childhood pets, and does not roll up his eyes when you talk about you both watching a romantic movie together.
  • He offers a bite of the delicious food he’s eating.
  • He is polite to your family!!!
  • He would rather talk than message you.
  • He offers to carry you….or your bag, when you are tired.
  • He goes out of his way to make sure you are in touch, your connection is a necessity. 
  • He leaves his ‘unlocked’  phone when he buys you a coffee.    
  • He calls you up from whichever part of the world he goes to for work…he finds a way              Beware…a lot of the most charming men have been psychopaths, take it really slow, give it time before you go out for that long drive in the dark with him…….                          When is a woman interested ???
  • She shares her dark secrets or future plans.
  • She giggles, plays with her hair and widens her eyes.
  • She accepts a sip of your drink…
  • She talks about her fears.
  • A call in the middle of the night to tell you about the book she’s reading or movie she’s watching.
  • The dark side of her personality and her imperfect physical attributes are revealed…it is a test 🙂
  • She makes promises and keeps them.
  • Your past is of interest to her.
  • She asks about your family history of disease or mental illness.                                               Life is too short, take a chance, once you find someone who makes it worthwhile, hang on through disease and disaster……do not cheat, be true ….and walk out if you are threatened or abused…….

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