Healthiest and tastiest….Plant-to-plate!

The PTP is unbeatable in health and taste….we are lucky to have a kitchen garden in which we grow some vegetables, herbs and fruits…..the Plant-to-Plate method is the best to get the maximum nutrition and taste out of anything edible….freshly plucked, cooked instantly and eaten while it is hot….it does not get better than that….our eggplants are merrily providing us a regular supply of eggplants……….we are enjoying theĀ baingan ka bhartha…..the larger eggplants are roasted, the skin peeled away and the pulp is mashed. In a pan, desi ghee is heated, garlic, green chili, onions, turmeric and tomatoes are added and cooked, the mashed eggplant is added and cooked well. Salt is added and the dish is ready!

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