Helirafting-Whataroa River, NZ

White water rafting takes on a whole new thrill when it becomes helirafting- taken by helicopter for rafting. The Whataroa River is near the Franz Josef Glacier, the largest glacier in the South Island of New Zealand. The river flows from the Alps, through a picturesque, fairy land landscape between mountains and rugged terrain, to merge into the Tasman Sea. The river is ideal for canoeing, kayaking, white water rafting. There is the imminent danger of falling headfirst into the water and getting one’s skull crashed by the Grade 5 rapids and the stones and boulders which lurk above and beneath the surface of the river. After we had been transported by helicopter, I asked “Can I go back, please?”

I was told, “Sure, just hike for three days through the forest.”

Thus began the journey of our family on that day. After the basic drill, we were told it would take 7 hours for us to complete the journey!

Now I wish it had been longer. Bitten by sand flies, bruised shins, 3 broken finger nails and sunburn….and we were longing for more! The most amazing experience ever. At the start, we were given suits and shoes and life jackets and helmets.IMG_5917 - Copy IMG_6011 IMG_6010 IMG_6007 IMG_6005 IMG_6006 IMG_5921 - Copy IMG_5922 - Copy IMG_5923 - Copy IMG_5927 - Copy IMG_5928 - Copy IMG_5929 - Copy IMG_5930 - Copy IMG_5931 - Copy IMG_5944 - Copy IMG_5948 - Copy IMG_5953 - Copy IMG_5954 - Copy IMG_5988 IMG_5989 IMG_5990 IMG_5991 IMG_5992 IMG_5993 IMG_5995 IMG_5996 IMG_5998 IMG_5999 IMG_6000 IMG_6001 IMG_6003

Thank God…there was a break for the traditional lunch, served from a bucket, with a rafting paddle!!!!


Breathtaking scenery…


Spellbound…..time stops here

The family that rafts together…either dies together or laughs together 🙂

IMG_4967 IMG_4968 IMG_4969 IMG_4973 IMG_4978 IMG_4979 IMG_4983 IMG_4985

The pros bringing the rafts over Grade 5 rapids…by jumping on to it….

IMG_4986 IMG_4987 IMG_4989 IMG_4992 IMG_4993

Kayaking too !


A perfect day…the aches, sprains, bruises were medals of honour …..


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