Hidden Himalayan High Altitude Temple

A trek of 2000 feet up and 3 kilometers from Auli (a ski destination in the Indian Himalayas) takes you to an enchanted forest. The trek begins at Auli, goes past the highest man-made lake in the world and past the ropeway (2nd highest ropeway in India). While you are taking a breath at one of the steepest parts of the trek, large brass bells will appear out of nowhere. On climbing a little higher, you will see a small temple ( or shrine ) which has many red flags all over it. This temple has a signboard which says it is a ‘Padiyar Temple’. Situated in a clearing within the forest, the temple is locked, there is not a single soul as far as the eye can see. The sun peeps between the tall trees that surround it. A few stone steps lead to the temple. Truly a unique and magnificent sight in the woods……If you are lucky, you will see the Nanda Devi snow-covered mountain peak from Auli (25,643 feet high ) along with the Dhaulgiri peak.IMG_3835

Anemone covered meadows lie in your path…


The Auli ropeway (10,200 feet)….a separate blog will follow !


Spot the butterfly….


And up we go…my enchanted forest…

IMG_3863 IMG_3865 IMG_3872 IMG_3876

Stone steps lead to the temple..


I jumped to ring one of the bells…the sound echoed through the forest..

IMG_3890 IMG_3887 IMG_3892 IMG_3894

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