Highest Laxman Temple and Gurdwara in the world

The best way to reach the village of Ghangaria in the Himalayas is a 5 minute helicopter ride from Joshimath. A trek of 17.75 kms to and fro takes you to the Laxman temple and gurdwara Hemkund Sahab from the helipad in Ghangaria.

You  gain an altitude of 4,100 feet from 10, 200 feet above sea level.

Not a trek for the faint hearted or unfit……on the day we went, all the other people were on ponies, we were told by them as they trotted past us…’take a pony, it’s really tough to walk up there’.

We had booked ponies which followed us up and down again while we walked on foot. They were useful as they carried water and food and other essentials for us.

The trek is well defined, though in places landslides and ongoing repair have caused it to become  little treacherous and slippery. The view is breathtaking throughout.

The Laxman temple was there much before Hemkund Sahab was constructed there. Laxman had meditated in the pond which was called the Lokpal Laxman Kund. His footprint is visible there even today.

This is what the trek looks like….


DSC07146 DSC02536 DSC02538 DSC07014 DSC06996 DSC06917 DSC06895 DSC06787 DSC06805 DSC06852 DSC06870 DSC06780 DSC06751 DSC06743 DSC06737 DSC06671 DSC06690 DSC06697 DSC06721 DSC06665 DSC06649 DSC06637 DSC06625 DSC02515 DSC06611 DSC06895 DSC06917 DSC06996 DSC07146 IMG_4576 IMG_4661 IMG_4617 IMG_4601 IMG_4582 IMG_4689 IMG_4714


The Laxman temple……

DSC02569 DSC02570 DSC02571 DSC02572 DSC02573 DSC02574 DSC02575

The trek around the kund to the Laxman footprint….


Above the coin, a large footprint is seen…



Hemkund Sahab…with the Laxman temple to the right…

IMG_4812 IMG_4755 IMG_4733 IMG_4727 DSC07045 DSC07044


The path was more slippery on the way down due to the rain and fog…

DSC07121 DSC07218 DSC07109


The trek and the spiritual experience is worth every aching joint…..it’s a wonderful feeling to complete it by foot.

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