Himalayan Bulbul-bird, nest, eggs!!!

A wonderful person shared the location of a low lying Himalayan bulbul’s nest in shrubbery near her home. She gingerly parted the green leaves in which the bird was nesting, I created a disturbance so the bird flew out of the nest, but remained really close as we admired the beautiful red and white speckled eggs. There were 3 perfect eggs in a nest that looked like a decorated Easter egg basket!! The nest was neatly woven, and  white twine had been used as a border to create a unique design ,  woven into the network of brown twigs….unbelievably beautiful and elegant. After a few moments, we left and the bird returned to the nest and sat on the eggs…

DSC03682 DSC03684 DSC03691 DSC03700 DSC03699

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