Himalayan Hermit in a cave

Mana village has many wonders and attractions, among them is the hermit, ascetic or ‘barfani Baba’ who practically lives in a rocky cave. His name literally means “Snow hermit”. Despite the snow, ice or wind, he stays in the cave daily. He does not ask for anything, but offers everyone his blessings and some sweets. 

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I stood there, watching him for a while, after offering me the sweets and blessings, he closed his eyes and prayed. Let’s hope we find more people who do not ask anyone for anything in return for praying for them. The villagers give him food at will. Some people leave a little money and flowers too, but he behaves with everyone regardless of the way they treat him. About 10 people went to him while I was there, none offered him anything, yet he was polite and generous in his blessing and sweets that he offered to them.

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