Himalayan trek to Bhavishya Badri

The trek to the Bhavishya Badri Temple or the Future Badrinath Temple is a 14 km trek which takes you 3,000 feet higher than the starting point near Joshimath. It is strenuous but thoroughly enjoyable due to the panoramic scenic beauty throughout the trek. This is apparently on the path of the ancient trek to Mansarovar Lake and Kailash mountain.

The temple at the end of the trek is in an isolated location within a beautiful forest of tall trees around it. A single priest lives there, who explains in detail that one day the present Badrinath Temple near Mana village in the Himalayas will be obliterated by the union of the two mountains behind it and in front of the temple. This will happen when the deity in the Narsingh Temple in Joshimath will lose it’s right arm ( it has been thinning over a period of time and is as thin as a hair now). The two mountains which will merge are called Nar and Narayan. Whenever this takes place, the Badrinath temple will be shifted to the Bhavishya or Future Badrinath temple. The path to the temple is through fields of crops and villages and thorny bushes to the temple at a high altitude location. The trek is well worth it, though the path back to base is steep and treacherous (like most treks in the mountains!!). The trek began with school children waylaying me and interrogating me, saying ‘it’s too tough, you can not come back today!’.


Off we go….

IMG_4288 IMG_4293 IMG_4295 IMG_4301 IMG_4307

The winding uphill path leads through a couple of villages…

IMG_4317 IMG_4319

Finally a signboard to encourage us…

IMG_4337 IMG_4342

catching a breath…of fresh air

IMG_4348 IMG_4354

It did not seem like anyone had been through here, there were thorny bushes along this stretch…

IMG_4359 IMG_4365

My son and I in the lap of nature…

IMG_4371 IMG_4384 IMG_4377

Finally after hours of s steep uphill slope…the temple ….




Refreshed, rejuvenated…

A special prayer session for us …..the idol has appeared here on it’s own…. IMG_4395

Back ….the path down is way steeper and tougher….but beautiful.

IMG_4396 IMG_4397 IMG_4401 IMG_4414 IMG_4415 IMG_4427

Grateful for this opportunity…..

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