Home in the mountains

It’s a haven…heaven to have a home in the mountains….

  • I get up early, eager to see what the view looks like
  • There are majestic mountains seen from our front lawn, there are three peaks called the “Sleeping beauty”
  • Streams and rivers flow everywhere, making a gurgling sound like a child’s laughter
  • New flowers bloom daily
  • There is lemongrass growing next to Kadi patta, beans, sweet peas, potatoes, tomatoes, maize, onions, coriander and mint
  • Strawberries grow in plenty in our home
  • There is an uninterrupted 270 degrees view of the mountains
  • Butterflies, birds and bees visit us
  • There are no vehicles passing through, ours is the last home on the road, and no homes or buildings are nearby
  • There are five small apple trees, and the dangerous Stinging nettle or bichoo booti at the back of our kitchen garden!!!! 
  • Frowning is impossible when 20 little sparrows cling to the swaying branch of a christmas tree, while a cuckoo sings…….if this is a dream, let me keep dreaming( I have pinched myself several times)IMG_5328 IMG_5327 IMG_5318 IMG_5309 IMG_5307 DSC05213 DSC05223 DSC05219 DSC05278 DSC05239
  • IMG_5339 IMG_5349 IMG_5337
  • IMG_5325
  • Have a great day 🙂

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