Hoshang Shah’s Tomb -Mandu, Madhya Pradesh

The city of Mandu in Madhya Pradesh is a spectacular example of a fortress city, stated to have existed as far back as the 6th century. It is built over a hill, with a plateau on one side and a river basin on the other, offering it a strategic advantage over a potential invasion. The city is approached through stone gates, of which there are 12, built of solid large rocks with walls that are several feet thick. There are several places and palaces of interest, most of which have been protected by the Government. They are mostly labelled and have a protective fence around them, there is no entrance fee for the majority of structures that can be seen from within. The few that charge an entry fee, do so at a nominal rate of INR 5/- per person!

One of the most imposing structures was the tomb of Hoshang Shah. It is reportedly the very first marble building or the first ‘Taj Mahal’. It is an amazing piece of architecture, made of white marble, geometrically perfect. It is bordered by an intricate pattern of stone archways. There is a garden all around the tomb, the boundary walls have niches for lighting diyas. Even if you are not interested in history, the sheer beauty of the structure makes it a must see.


This marble dome can be seen from afar, and draws you towards it.


Ahem- one looks up at the impressive dome, and finds it inhabited by nocturnal visitors, the bats which hang upside down from the highest points!


The symmetry is superb, it is architecturally as well as aesthetically appealing.


The left side of the tomb has these stone archways.


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