Hover you doing?

Pictures speak to us….they should, anyway! This Black-headed Ibis flew to a tree occupied by the double crested Cormorant. It hovered, they ‘spoke’, it flew away again. Maybe it brought bad news, and it was shunned and shouted at……Often people who tell us the harsh, brutal (yet essential) truth are shot down mid-sentence,,,,,,should you tell someone you know (by sheer coincidence, with proof supplied by others who did not know you knew the aggrieved party) that their spouse is cheating with anything that moves? Should you tell them that their maid mistreats their child? Or that their child is on drugs and has bad company? Or that the Boss is planning to fire them? We are all connected by strands that are as strong as life itself or as fragile as the hair that was used to suspend the sword over Damocles???? The person who tells, whispers a word of caution is abhorred and blamed for being a gossip, or worse. I would rather know, and I would process the story being told objectively and surely welcome the truth, whatever it may be. But I would tell only those whom I trust or have a great respect for, rather that anyone I meet…..Life is a great teacher….and beautiful 🙂


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