Humans in White

Call them by any name

They can’t always take the blame

Mortality is non-negotiable 

Doctors do as much as they are able

Let the first stone be cast by the one

Who has never any error done

There are always exceptions to every rule

But most who go to Medical School

Toil endlessly and do their best

To serve others and honour the medical crest

Take a moment to appreciate them

Without them, the world would not be the same……

PS…..for those who believe in alternative medicine and natural cures….3 cheers!!!! If you truly do not believe in Allopathy,can any human ¬†refrain from any test, immunization, hospitalization, medical procedure for you or your kin…ever????????……( I would never tell you to do that, but do not pick and choose when you can use Allopathy, trashing it when you do not need it)……no system is perfect, no human is perfect……all the doctors I know are doing their best…..

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