I don’t believe in Mother’s day….

Thank you my child​ for not adding another soppy saccharine ‘Mother’s day’ post to my wall………we all know that it’s been hyped to increase people’s blood sugar and cholesterol by meaningless gifts ( not to mention countless roses being massacred)…….words mean nothing, especially on social media…..I have seen many a parent/child take that ridiculous ‘selfie’ only to post it separately, to show their ‘friends’ how cool they are (wake up, selfies are so last year), engrossed in and obsessed with what goes on in the virtual world, while turning their backs on the ones that love them most…each day is to celebrated, not just a day the world thinks it should dedicate to blasting our minds with over-the-top gifts and words ( dear parents, please check your children’s grammar before they tag you in posts )…………Happy human day, Happy being-alive and malicious and contrary day 🙂 🙂 

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