In-flight marvellous co-passenger

Meet Moji from Arunachal Pradesh, India, who is a post-teen, pre-adult 20 year old who studies in Delhi . He traveled with me in the first row of the plane. While most people were groggy and obviously sleep-deprived (one had to leave home before sunrise to board on time ), Moji was well turned- out, cheerful and sat with his arms close to him, keeping himself confined to his seat and not pushing/ jostling or spilling over to the next passenger. Apart from friends and family , I have never encountered such a soft-spoken and well mannered young man. He said ‘excuse me’ to get past people and offered to share his breakfast with those around him!!!! There is hope for a world in which such young people live … he has tattoos on his hands which read ‘ Help me Lord ‘. I told him he was a very good child and conveyed my admiration and respect for his parents for his wonderful upbringing… he smiled and told me that one does not meet many people like me either !! God bless him and may he never change…, the next time you judge a child for tattoos etc, think again!! img_0809img_0812

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