In Prose for the Rose…

How can one not compose poems and prose..

In honour of the majestic Rose ???

There is a certain kind of quiet and dignified beauty in the multiple, fragrant and gorgeous clusters of the climbing rose. Ages ago, we had planted it at three different locations in our backyard. Each year, it has repaid us for nurturing it by giving us the pure joy of seeing it blossom. There are so many tiny bundles of tiny, delicate, pink roses huddled together in perfect harmony….the bees and butterflies hover around the roses, as if deciding on their choice of nectar. IMG_4710 IMG_4711 IMG_4713 IMG_4722 IMG_4707 IMG_4723 IMG_4744 IMG_4708 IMG_4727

IMG_4712 IMG_4709


My fascination for the climbing rose goes back to my school days, as I daydreamed a million beautiful dreams and relived precious memories while gazing at the hundreds of golden roses on the climbing rose that grew with a pride that mesmerised me. Seeing our climbing roses transports me to my childhood, and one can not put a price on that……..


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