Inside a pigeon’s nest with the newly hatched pigeons

I have always wanted to look inside a bird’s nest. My parents have shown me a baya beaver’s nest on a tree as a child, but told me not to touch it as the birds would be harmed. My dream came true last year when an air conditioner in our living room on the first floor had to be serviced ( a part of the annual process). We saw a baby pigeon/ squeaker/ squab in it!! The gentlemen who were doing the job were actually gentle-men. They replaced the air conditioner back gingerly over the nest, after their job was done. This year, there were 2 baby pigeons/ squabs there ! they were nervous and I clicked pictures over them from as far as possible. The nest is unlike any other…it is made of small stones and concrete(apparently), protected from the changes in temperature by the air conditioner over it.  Look below for a picture and short video…




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