iPhone 6s–hot and latest

Yes, the child has got an iPhone 6s the moment it was available. It is a gift from his parents for a summer job well spent and an excellent review and a future job offer earned. When a teenager earns enough to buy the latest toys, the parents decide he deserves it. To avoid the long queues and waiting ( unbelievable crowds the world over!!), it was pre-booked in transit from Heathrow Airport in London. Why is it better than the previous ones? Among the multiple reasons given by Apple, the best ones which appeal to the owner are :

  • 3 D touch….it senses the pressure with which you press the icons, opening apps much faster assisting you in completing tasks at one go at a speed better than ever before. 
  • 12 megapixel iSight camera captures pictures of a much higher quality.
  • 4K videos, worth their weight in gold.
  • For selfie addicts –the 5 megapixel facetime HD camera takes pictures which people can not frown upon.
  • Live photos.

image image image image

I’m not a fan of the red cover which came with it, but the phone is totally a smile-generating device. Enjoy 🙂

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