Is it love?

You would be surprised how many people have asked me how one can tell they are in love. Do I have a perfect answer/ relationship….No. But I think it’s sufficiently inspiring, hence I’m asked this. There is a difference between loving and being hopelessly in love. I do hope my partner and I both delusional enough to think we are madly in love with each other!!!!!

Signs that a person is in love with you…..

  1. When you are together, neither of you looks at your phone!!! yeah, seriously !!!!
  2. You voice your opinion, even if it is the exact opposite to what the other thinks. Communication does not merely mean agreeing with each other, we often care/ dare to disagree with those we care deeply about. Yes, you feel free to argue, fight even and it doesn’t affect your relationship.
  3. You are not with them merely for their looks, position or money. You know that is all of these go away, you would still be there, gladly.
  4. You want to spend your holidays with each other. It’s vital that you both feel that you can enjoy each other’s company in the best moments of your life.
  5. He/ she is the first person you call when you great good/ bad news. That is the person you feel most connected to in the entire universe.
  6. You plan a future together, hold hands and surprise each other.
  7. You know what the other wants, quite often and strive to make it happen.
  8. You feel comfortable discussing people you had a previous relationship with, for disclosure and closure. You can talk freely about movie star crushes, if any.
  9. You can respect and be nice to the other’s family and friends, no matter how hard it is.
  10. You do not disrespect each other in front of your child or others.
  11. If you had to do it all over again, you would make the same choice.
  12. You do not have to put up a facade. They are allowed to see the good, the bad and especially the ugly in you.
  13. You are irrational, illogical and silly when it comes to love. You can’t imagine not having that person in your life. You want to share your coffee, your book, your seat, your passwords, your life.
  14. There is no shame/ ego/ pride in who calls whom first, or who proposes.
  15. You love them as they are, imperfect and perfectly matched with your own shortcomings.


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