Jackfruit-largest tree-borne fruit

The world’s largest tree borne fruit is the Jackfruit….and India is the number 1 producer of this fruit. The raw Jackfruit is much healthier than the ripe fruit. I personally dislike the cloyingly over-sweet taste and aroma of the ripe Jackfruit. Raw fruit is full of fiber, has Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and is low in calories. it is easy to cook, though cutting it is an art.

Take a freshly plucked raw Jackfruit, slice it through the middle, peel away the outermost spiny layer and cut it into pieces. Soak the cut fruit in water. In a pressure cooker, add a tablespoon of ghee , add onions, a bayleaf, cinnamon, tomatoes and turmeric  and cook well. To the cooked mixture, add the cut and pre-soaked fruit. Stir well, Close the pressure cooker and let it cook for 1-2 whistles. Remove from the heat and open it when the pressure subsides…your healthy and delicious dish is ready! 

PS-it is more more delicious if the cut fruit is deep-fried, but it is not worth sacrificing the health benefits by doing that…..

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