Junoo…..the adorable Canine Mountaineer

In the hills of Jammu and Kashmir, there is an Institute for the training of mountaineers. As long as people can remember, a dog called Junoo stays there and moves with the group of would-be mountaineers, participating as much as he can in every activity, through rain, shine and even snowfall. Nobody can remember when Junoo joined, but they agree that he is a little old for the strenuous training, especially the high altitude trekking over snow covered mountains. They tried to lock Junoo away for his own safety recently, while the group sneaked away to scale new peaks, for his own safety. Junoo howled and brought the roof down, and had to be taken along…….

dog dog 2 dog 3 dog 4

Legend has it has Junoo has the soul of a mountaineer in him……there is no arguing that he is the most experienced of the group of learners that flock for training, year after year……

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