KC—-why our family does not fast

Traditions are celebrated proudly all over the world. One such tradition is of KC, when women fast for a day in a year for the long life and well being of their husbands. In our family we do not fast. Why we do not undergo the dip in blood sugar is…..

  • We are a family that, in general, does not observe traditions and follow the norms…
  • If we followed traditions, we would not be two sisters, there would surely have been a brother to ‘carry on the family name’….my parents were asked this throughout our lives and laughed at it, saying, “Do you know how many things can go wrong, we are so lucky to have healthy children.” 
  • My grandmother was educated (one of the very few in her generation), and opened an all girl’s school in her village(there was none, that school was started in a building owned by her and functions even today)…
  • My Mom was the first lady doctor in her community in her state…..
  • We were educated in the best schools and colleges, and given the freedom to make choices, some of which made me stumble and fall and rise stronger, due to my parents unconditional love and support
  • I was very lucky to choose a man (who chose me as well), who is strong and secure and does not want me to go hungry, ever(or change my surname)…..he agrees that we should pray for each other’s well being every single day of our lives…sans starvation……

To those who fast, I hope you are not ill or suffering from any disease that will endanger your health……to each his/ her own……I have written this to tell my story, because of the veiled verbal attack I undergo each year on this day…..I do not believe in any tradition with a gender distinction……some men fast with their wives, I have heard…..


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