Keeping Litchis Moist

It is the season of the fruit that bears the name given to it by India, because it grows in India and the neighbouring nations. It is by far the most delicious fruit I have tasted. ( Yeah, better than any berry). There is one problem though….one buys them from shopkeepers who sprinkle water on them to keep them moist, so that the cover or shell doesn’t turn black and brittle and lead to the¬†desiccation of the fruit within. The way to neutralise the water used by them and enjoy the litchis is…….

Rinse the litchis in running drinkable water (reverse osmosis water works for us)

Soak a clean hand towel ( or two ) and wrap it over the litchis.

Place the wet litchis with the dripping wet towels on a fenestrated dish, with another dish below it to collect the water that flows down.

Enjoy the yummiest of fruits when you unwrap the cover and eat (devour) the litchis……

Consume on the same day for best results…

IMG_5005 IMG_5004 

Did I mention that litchis are good for your health ? They are laden with Vitamin C and polyphenols, among other vitamins and minerals. The best litchis we have eaten ? when we stood under a tree in an orchard and selected the tree from which they were plucked for us….Garden fresh.

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