Kingfisher with fish!!

Okay, the beautiful blue Kingfisher birds are supposed to pose with fish…the name suggests that!!! Well, the poor birds have tried so hard to demonstrate the use of those long beaks and their fishing skills to me…and have succeeded splendidly. Well, I finally got my act (and little camera) in control and clicked one…and got 3!! while 2 glared and drooled at the one with the fish, the one with the fish had swallowed more that it could chew!!! it had given me a perfect demo of how a bird swoops down to the water surface and catches an unsuspecting fish and rises from the water like a phoenix from the ashes………..I have some hazy pics…..well I have a series of pics from this particular event that shows how the fish was thrown up in the bird’s beak, twisted and finally swallowed…..why am I not posting these pics?? this is social media, where people barely have the patience/ interest / inclination to see even one picture 🙂


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