Kohima War Cemetery, India

Since times immemorial, soldiers have fought for their country and have made the ultimate sacrifice. It does not stop wars……neither does it stop generations of young men and women signing up for the Army. The Kohima War memorial in India was built to honour the memory of the soldiers who fought in the 1944 war at Kohima, as part of theĀ Allied Forces. The battle was won by the Allied forces, forcing the Japanese Army to retreat. Some of the men who fought and died in this war were teenagers. What does one do when one comes across the numerous graves, including those of the unnamed soldiersĀ ? the lives that were lost then and continue to be lost today? All one can do is whisper a prayer and salute the martyrs….dsc04960 dsc04964 dsc04967 dsc04969 dsc04981 dsc04984 dsc04985


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