Krimchi temples….protected monuments of 8th/ 9th century, Jammu and Kashmir

The Krimchi temples are located merely 9 kms off the Jammu-Udhampur highway, yet are not a popular site to visit as the last 1km of the distance has to be covered on foot. Despite having been declared as a’protected monument’ by the  Archaeological Society of India, they are neglected …hidden from sight. They are a group of 7 temples, believed to have been constructed around the 8-9th century. The boards displayed at the entrance do provide some information about the many stone temples around. They are beautiful, imposing, made largely of stone, with a unique architecture. Maybe it is a blessing that they are away from throngs of tourists, as one can appreciate the building style and explore the many structures at leisure and in complete silence. The walk is interesting, there are hills all around, a winding, slightly uphill path lined by trees and shrubs leads to the temples. If you want to sample a bit of real Indian history, without any hawkers, guides or noisy crowds,this is the place for you. DSC_0556 - Copy - Copy DSC_0558 - Copy - Copy DSC_0575 - Copy - Copy DSC_0597 - Copy - Copy DSC_0600 - Copy - Copy DSC_0602 - Copy - Copy DSC_0603 - Copy - Copy DSC_0604 - Copy - Copy DSC_0605 - Copy - Copy DSC_0607 - Copy - Copy DSC_0608 - Copy DSC_0610 - Copy DSC_0613 - Copy DSC_0609 - Copy DSC_0616 - Copy DSC_0617 - Copy DSC_0618 - Copy DSC_0619 - Copy DSC_0620 - Copy DSC_0621 - Copy DSC_0623 - Copy DSC_0625 - Copy DSC_0628 - Copy DSC_0636 - Copy DSC_0640 - Copy DSC_0648 - Copy DSC_0651 - Copy DSC_0653 - Copy DSC_0654 - Copy DSC_0658 - Copy DSC_0660 - Copy DSC_0662 - Copy DSC_0669 DSC_0670 DSC_0690 DSC_0709 DSC_0692 DSC_0696 DSC_0701

Need some quiet family time ? head there……………….admire the work of people who did not have architectural degrees or digital 3-D models to help them…yet these temples managed to survive through centuries.


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