Ladies, don’t accept abuse

Women are physically and emotionally abused all over the world every day. In most cases, the abuser is the person they are financially dependant on. The women generally have no option, no place to go to, nobody to support them. Recognise abuse and refuse to accept it. Some of the signs are:

  • If a man continuously praises other women in your presence while criticising you and looking down upon you, it is abuse. He may tell you to dress or behave like other women.
  • Hitting a woman (or man or child or animal) is unacceptable and non-negotiable.
  • Use of physical force for intimacy.
  • Cheating on a spouse. 
  • I have heard stories of men ‘pimping’ their wives.
  • Forcing a woman to have children or more children than she wants.
  • Allowing other people to hit her ( sometimes other family members hit a lady while the husband is a mute spectator).                                                                                                                The solution? some suggestions…
  • Educate your daughters.
  • Make girls financially independent.
  • Stop looking down on single women.
  • Tell girls that they are equal to boys, hence they too have to earn their livelihood. Make them equal shareholders in property/ business.                                                                                  No human being has a right to make another’s existence painful. Children are sometimes the only reason ladies stay in an abusive marriage, though the children get scarred and would be better off if she could walk out……I’m sure there are men who are tormented/ abused by women, but they are generally the exception ……and that is unacceptable as well.


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