Let’s stop Public-bashing of our Nation

All of us have a right to choose what we want to say, I would like to stop the public bashing of our nation that we carry out on social media.

  • It does not solve our problems
  • We can discuss what plagues us in forums or groups where only Indian citizens are present
  • We can try to do our bit to improve the problems we face
  • Since we do not cry out against family on international media, should we not be loyal to our country too??
  • Shouting out against our leaders and ‘system’ does not serve any purpose….which country has a faultless system ? 
  • Each person can make a difference…..’Ask not what your country…………..’
  • If we feel really unsafe or disgusted 24/7, we should move out to a ‘better’ country
  • Nobody and no place are perfect, let’s stop bribing/ accepting bribes straight away 
  • Let’s not litter, let’s pick up as much garbage as we can around us
  • Let’s form groups to patrol our neighborhood and stop for roadside accident victims
  • Let’s teach and treat the underprivileged free of cost
  • Let’s talk of the wonderful unsung heroes who sacrifice their last morsel of food or clothing for another….there are millions of them. let’s focus on them and give them more importance than perverts and psychos
  • Let’s be proud of our heritage and freedom, which  millions have died for….if they had just complained, the only result would have been a veritable tsunami of saliva in their mouths, and we would not be free……..                                                                                                                Let’s be grateful for the internet, phones, homes, food, clothing and education that our country has given us………….let’s give back…………

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