Life–a 104 year old lady teaches us

She walks in the room, she can take care of herself is what her great-grandson says, after you gape when you are told that she is 104 years old. She does not have diabetes or hypertension or any other disease of the ‘new world’. 

I had to ask, what are the important things in life ? I figured I’d rather ask her than a guru who lived in the lap of luxury , dependent on other people’s money. This is what she said:

  • keep your soul happy with whatever you have
  • eat what you can… Anything is fine , as long as it’s not packaged and readymade
  • take life as it comes ( she has had several children , her husband passed away long ago)
  • do not envy others , live your own life
  • be kind
  • enjoy your life.
  • Do the best you can
    • try to be independent image

She is a satisfied , happy, down to earth , independent , kind lady who stays positive … She eats what is cooked at home and is clinically disease free!! It doesn’t take perfect looks or a luxurious lifestyle to be satiated , it takes a great spirit .







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