Living Root Bridge, Riwai, Meghalaya, India

Megahalaya is blessed with the maximum amount to rainfall in the world. The bridges over the numerous streams and rivers in the rain forests used to get washed away due to the heavy rains. The War-Khasi tribes developed an ingenious technique of using secondary ┬ároots of the Ficus Elastica tree. The roots can be stretched and are guided through the sliced and hollowed betel nut trunks to grow over the water. The process takes a minimum of 15 years! The bridge that is made by this method lasts forever and does not get washed away. We were told that it could take the weight of a herd of elephants! An innovative, unique, brilliant method of overcoming a hazard….by people who did not have any education….a miracle!! This bridge is over 300 years old and is growing stronger with time….

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