Loktak Lake, Manipur, India

The legendary Lok Tak Lake lake sustains a large number of people living in and around it…over 100,00 in number!  It provides  hydropower,  irrigation and drinking water . It has floating masses of phumdis or vegetative and organic matter, in a stage of decomposition, which provides nutrition to the aquatic organisms. The ecological status and its biodiversity values have led to the lake being designated as a wetland of international importance in the Ramsar convention in 1990. The lake has a rich biological diversity consisting of  233 species of aquatic macrophytes of emergent, submergent, free-floating and rooted floating leaf types. Several species of waterbirds and  14 species of wetland associated birds have been noted in the lake including 28 species of migratory waterfowl (most migrating from different parts of the northern hemisphere beyond the Himalayas).Also recorded were 425 species of animals—249 vertebrates and 176 invertebrates). The list includes rare animals such as the Indian python, sambhar and barking deer. (source-Wikipedia)

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