Losing 10 pounds in a 100 days….the easy way for the pre/ peri/ menopausal Indian Woman

Before you try to lose weight, you should know why you are doing it. Most women I spoke to were doing it for the following…

  • Is it because the partner/ child/ society wants you to???
  • To feel healthier and look better for yourself???
  • Medical indications??
  • An event???
  • To feel more energetic??
  • For the dresses in your closet??? !!!

Please get your baseline investigations done, consult a physician/ psychiatrist……this journey is purely for those who want to be fitter, leaner ….while they realize that they will not look like supermodels….realistic expectations and lack of a Body Dysmorphic Disorder are essential. 

Let’s begin:

Day 1

Drink a glass of water on waking up 


6 almonds, 2 eggs, a glass of milk ( you can add coffee or tea to the milk)


A glass of water and a glass of low-fat buttermilk


ALWAYS eat locally grown, seasonal vegetables. 

A cucumber 

A small bowl of pulses, (boiled with finely chopped onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric. tomatoes, green chili, roasted cumin, salt and turmeric. 

A small bowl of ridge gourd, to which the a teaspoon of ghee has been added and the spices have been cooked in that. 

2 phulkas ( very thin chappatis, made with the least amount of whole grain flour). 


A small bowl of low fat yogurt to which tomatoes and roasted chickpeas have been added, with salt and roasted cumin, 

If you have not been working out…..

A walk for 30 minutes ( this will gradddduuuaalllllyyyyyy increase) ..on the treadmill, at an average of 4.5 Kms an hour ( told you this was for the easy-going women)!!

A glass of low fat milk


same quantities as lunch, eat bitter gourd and pulses with 2 rotis.

Keep drinking water (6-10 glasses in a day)

Meanwhile grow your own wheatgrass and sprout lentils ….this has been covered in previous blogs….

Before the workout, eat a green apple and a pear ( the workout is hardly anything at this point) 

I use green chili, as I love spices…and I add a dash of freshly squeezed lime to all the pulses….

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