Love your life and body after 40

We all grow….some people like to believe we grow spiritually, some seek enlightenment, some turn to gurus, but the reality is, we grow older every second. I see a lot of my friends and acquaintances go through a change when the forties strike. Ageing is inevitable, some of us age less visibly than others, but we are all hurtling towards an unknown end. Enough reality, lighten up, we grow continuously, let’s make it work for us…..


  1. Start loving your body, every wrinkle is a smile frozen in time. 
  2. Dare to sag!!!! Nobody looks at your body as minutely and critically as you do. Believe that you look great and use dim lighting 🙂
  3. Work out, in moderation, daily. You don’t have to run any more and that is great.
  4. Life after 40 is awesome because you have proved yourself to the world and to your own self. If you haven’t, don’t waste time trying now, you have already arrived without undue effort.
  5. You are more confident than you have ever been.
  6. Smile more than you did, because you feel happier when you do and look more attractive instantaneously.
  7. You decide who you want to spend time with and know what you want to do and can dare to do it.
  8. You have a better career and social standing than before, more money than you ever did and a family or friends to spend time with. 
  9. If you decided to have children, they are growing up to be really interesting people who are not as yet irreversibly fed up with you….reason to rejoice!!!!
  10. You are fit enough to climb mountains and explore the world, go for it.
  11. You can afford to waste time, meditate, skydive, do anything that ever excited or stimulated you.
  12. Write that book now. It’s not for the world to appreciate but a pursuit you will enjoy.
  13. You are closer to your exit everyday, make the most of every moment.
  14. Love intensely and unconditionally, Do not expect reciprocation as far as possible,
  15. A lot of human beings did not make it this far, you did. You are a winner, don’t be a whiner.           


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