Make memories

It does not matter if you have surplus money, the best gift you can give any living being is the gift of time. We often turn off all the anti-social….’social’ media and spend time outdoors with each other. Be it going for a long drive, or sitting in a garden or gazing at a sunset, we make memories…the most precious things that we can carry with us forever. A child(even a teenager) will not want to carry a phone or laptop for these moments in time. Asking a teen or child or parent what they would like to do makes it more enjoyable. Stories from a grandparent are priceless. This is the wealth we want to pass on to a child…the joy of discovering the treasures that nature has given to all, …irrespective of religion, colour, country……cameras are allowed to capture candid, un-posed moments ­čÖé There is a pleasure in just talking to each other ..a child shares when he has your undivided attention…..We have not taken pictures of the walk through a forest in the Himalayas or the┬árainbow over our home in India…some day, maybe…maybe not….those images will stay with us in our brains….



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