Make someone smile by playing the fool

Remember, there are people who are stressed, frustrated, depressed, unhappy and prejudiced. Making them smile/ snigger/ giggle/ smirk/ pass snide remarks is a social service which benefits humanity, as it takes away their unhappiness by distracting them from whatever is causing their pain…..

How do you do that? Here are some ways:

  1. Tell a joke which is not funny
  2. Dance like you are learning to swim….at a crowded party
  3. Let the ice-cream cone touch your nose to leave ice-cream there
  4. Wear clothes and jewelry which are outdated
  5. Tell stories about the time you made a blunder
  6. Sing off-key
  7. Smile at those who scowl at you
  8. Talk to those who can’t appreciate anyone
  9. Carry a ‘very old’ mobile which cannot take selfies!!
  10. Smile at everyone and act like you are happy

Why would you want to do this? Because you will be surprised at the amount of fun you have when you do not worry or care about who is looking at you or talking about you……………Freedom is yours, enjoy the week-end J

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