Make someone’s pain your business…..

People get assaulted, come for help to others….we don;t stop on the road for fear of harassment by the law or the police. When someone in pain approaches you, try not to look away…none of us are saints ( none of my family / friends/ people I know qualify as saints…thank God!!! though they are all pretty awesome ), we tend to look away when it’s not ‘our business’…… try to intervene. help beyond the call of duty…it’s worth it.


Let’s see…if a lady with an alcoholic husband who was good-for-nothing walked up to you, telling you she has four small children, would you not encourage her to share her story, try to help ????? well, suppose the husband says he can not kick the habit and that he can not work, and she said that she worked as a part-time help somewhere and made hand-made rugs, would you not buy them, even if you had no use for them???? It may feel really good…….you may even take the husband to task and try to counsel him, and he just may cut down on his drinking…it’s been known to happen, I assure you….

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