Man’s best friend on Friendship day

Friends make life better and more enjoyable. How do you know if someone is your best friend??  You know someone is your BFF if he or she…..

  • is your biggest fan
  • is your worst critic
  • loves you no matter what you do
  • annoys you
  • is brutally honest with you
  • defends you to others behind your back
  • blasts you if required, in private
  • looks out for you
  • is there when you need her/him
  • cares for the people you care for…………………                                                                                      Friendship is a two-way street, sometimes an uphill task, but totally worth it. Let’s not forget the only animal who is considered a human being’s best friend and loves our kind unconditionally……. a dog is faithful forever. Cheers to all good friends.
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