Medical doctors do not like to hear these:

Just because we followed our passion and dreams and try our best to help the ill….does not mean that we are infallible and indestructible …..The large majority of patients I have seen have been wonderful and I am grateful for them. But there are others… is what people have said to me over the ages…..

  • How can you be Ill???? you’re a doctor!!!!!!
  • You are an ophthalmologist…hmmm… , I have this pain in my shoulder..!!!!!!
  • Why don’t you try herbs for healing cataract??????
  • Why were you on leave the last time I came for a consultation???
  • There is a Guru who heals by a touch…..
  • I just googled my symptoms, now tell me…
  • Why did you not ‘make’ your son a doctor???
  • I want your opinion on this prescription I got…..
  • Just explain what you study in Ophthalmology…..

And so on……

Apart from this, they expect us to be on duty 24/7, 365 days a year, for our whole lives!!!!

We are not supposed to party/ travel/ have a life….

We are supposed to answer ALL phone calls at all times of the day or night….


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