Medusa…the most wronged woman in history- Turkey

In the Basilica Cistern in Turkey, the ‘Heads of Medusa’ generate interest and controversy….is it a Myth ? History ? Whatever the case may be, it shows that a woman who was  ‘raped’, that is Medusa, with the ancient Goddess Athena as witness, was punished for being violated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was turned into a hideous monster, if anyone so much as gazed upon her, they turned to stone. As if that wasn’t enough, she was beheaded and her head was used as a weapon…… As if the humiliation was not complete, her ‘heads’ are placed sideways and upside down in the beautiful surroundings in the Basilica, from where her stony gaze cries for justice. When we cry hoarse about similar incidents in which wronged and traumatized women are punished……………for being wronged and traumatized, we can see that the dark origins of this loathsome tradition began with our ancestors……..

DSC02614 DSC02617


The very fact that these myths exist shows how we think of women …then and now…I was heartbroken at the sight of these pillars, with people gasping and clicking at the symbol of a woman who wears the weight of the center of Istanbul on her neck…..

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