Message in a beak

While I was taking pictures of beautiful flowers and birds in our garden, a mynah flew over me repeatedly…..I ignored it as I had prettier beings to capture on film…….the determined bird circled overhead, swooping down close to me…..I looked up to see that it had a message for me and all the world……say no to plastic…it is strangling, suffocating, endangering and slowly killing all living beings on the planet….I salute the bird with the large piece of plastic in its beak who made me look up to see how we are destroying all around us….each person can make a difference, I refused to take plastic carry-bags while shopping yesterday….( I had taken a large cloth bag from home, which will now stay permanently in our car)…..make a start…..for yourself and teach the next generation…..maybe we all need to look away from nature’s bounty and beauty once in a while to look at the ugliness we are spreading…..

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