Mirror, mirror…time to reflect

When you look at yourself , what do you see? An imperfect human form? What should you see?

  • Make sure it’s a person who knows how to smile, who has beautiful laughter lines
  • Admire your soul which helps out those less fortunate
  • See the beautiful eyes that look beyond the outward appearance
  • Smile, you make the world a better place
  • There is time to make yourself more beautiful by listening to, feeding, clothing, educating, touching other’s lives…..
  • The gorgeous you awaits further beautification of a soul that makes its existence on this planet worthwhile….
  • What/ whom do you see when you look in a mirror….let’s hope it’s someone you love and respect……an imperfect soul who is trying beautifully to make the world a better place 🙂 …..I see a woman who would not want to trade looks and places with anyone else on the whole planet….I see the good, the bad and the ugly in me…I see a challenge to balance them all….I see someone who is truly alive….and that makes me happy….the smile is semi-permanent 🙂


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