Most beautiful tree- Kachnar (orchid tree) Asia

Undoubtedly one of the most flowering trees in the world is the Kachnar tree which is native to Asia. It is also known as the Orchid tree or Mountain Ebony tree. The bright pink and yellow flowers are fragrant as well as exotically beautiful. The trees are in full bloom in India right now. The sight of the flower-laden trees is sure to bring a smile to the most grumpy face. The smell intoxicates, the sight uplifts the spirits……..the trees and flower have a magnetic pull that makes you stop, smile and stare…….I am guilty of drooling when I see these trees……

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I used to take my dogs for a walk along a Kachnar tree lined lane…the heady perfume of the flowers and the bright pink carpet of fallen flowers would make us all excited and energize us, causing us to run full speed, slow down and run through that lane a million times…..

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