Move over Middle East..Kazhakstan has the best belly dance

We have all probably seen belly dancing..somewhere, sometime, with someone…..I have seen the dancers in several nations sitting in men’s laps, nuzzling their heads in their bosoms and touching them provocatively for tips. It ceases to be an art form when that happens….I was surprised to find out that we were going to watch a belly dance along with other dinner entertainment which included a live band, traditional folk dances and a wonderful costume display, The women sat a little apprehensively and the men either pretended to be really interested in reading the menu or leaping up from their seats, cameras in hand. Amid the music, the belly dancers seemed to glide in. They danced, slowly, then the tempo picked up to an energetic pace, and again¬†slowed down to sinuous, graceful movements. They did not look vulgar though they were scantily clad. Either all of them had perfect bodies….or a gifted plastic surgeon..either way, it was a treat to watch. When the time for the tips came, they swirled around with a bowl in hand…..anyone who wanted to, dropped cash in it. They did not pester or act vulgar or coerce people into giving them money. This is the first time I enjoyed a belly dance……..see it to believe it. Men show their true personality when a belly dancer is near them……

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