Mr Kite comes out to play

As humans, we all have a dash of the sixth sense…we have a bit of intuition built into our neurotransmitters as well………along with a connection to all living beings. Some of us are embarrassed to speak of dreams that came true, or a gut feeling which became a reality. The Animal Kingdom is skilled at differentiating between friends and enemies. Their survival depends on it. By the highway lives Mr Kite (he is so named because he is regal)….the first time I jumped out of a moving car to disturb his sun-basking session, he frowned upon me and flew away… I was walking back to the car, he reappeared, hovered over me, decided that I was harmless and perched above me! We have met four times and the last time we met, he stuck his head forward repeatedly and looked straight at me, and posed patiently……………….

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